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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Winning at Pet Feng Shui: Interior Design With Furry Friends in Mind

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Winning at Pet Feng Shui: Interior Design With Furry Friends in Mind
by Megan Van Vlack

As much as we love our furry companions, they can create some serious clutter. From feeding bowls to litter boxes and chewed-up toys, it’s often difficult to balance keeping your space stylish while still making your pet feel completely at home. Check out these design-focused tips for tackling the five most common challenges to earn some style points:

1. Try Out a Next-Gen Pet Crate

Bulky, plastic pet crates can bring down the glamour of any living space and often get stowed away in a closet where they’re difficult to access. One solution for pet owners are unique pet crates, such as this wired, dome-shaped crate used by Hollywood actress Megan Mullally and this mod-designed crate that can double as a side-table. Both crates are pet-friendly while still being functional.

 Photographer: Miguel Flores-Vianna

 Photo via The Pet Central

2. Put Your Pet In a Designer Bed 

At the end of a long day, both you and your pet need a place to relax, but a mangy dog bed isn’t exactly welcoming. Luckily, there’s an abundance of designers who have created pet-sized furniture to complement a pet owner’s home. This chaise lounge can be put on display in your living room, while this fold-out pet bed is easily tucked away during the day when not in use.
Photo Via Birth New York
 Photo via Murphy's Paw Design

3. Get Creative With Litter Boxes 

Litter box enclosures can go a long way for both concealing the litter box and keeping unpleasant odors to a minimum. For example, the Hidden Litter Box from Good Pet Stuff that solves the problem by camouflaging the litter box as a potted plant. For dogs, the indoor doggy urinal will keep your canine warm and dry while doing their business inside.
Photo via Good Pet Designs

Photo via John Nouanesing

 4. Accessorize Your Feeding Stations

For the true minimalist, a pet feeder station organizes and stores pet bowls, food, and hanging leashes and collars. 
Image via GrandinRoad

5. Rethink Pet Hangout Spots 

Your pet needs a space of their own. While you’d love to dedicate an entire room to your beloved pet, that’s just not an option. However, you can dedicate a space (indoors or outdoors) for a dog house. Fun items like mini-mansions and even repurposed wine barrels can all add a trendy twist to pet ownership. If you need something for the yard, the underground doghouse recreates a natural den for your dog and keeps her warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
Image via Miller Pet Products
 Image via Love Thy Beast

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