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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Veterinary Technicians Specialists

Affordable Pet HealthCare Insurance - Your Pets Deserve it

Affordable Pet HealthCare Insurance - Your Pets Deserve it

Veterinary Technicians Specialists

Sleuth the Reporter Dog knows that pet owners can be very nervous and concerned when the veterinarian talks about sending their beloved pet to a specialist.  Whatever the problem is, Sleuth has found out that there are some pretty special team members at the specialty hospital who just might be able to help calm some fears!  Meet the Veterinary Technician Specialists!

1)    Like veterinarians who specialize in areas such as dentistry or oncology, credentialed veterinary technicians now have some amazing opportunities for furthering their education and providing a higher level of care for our dogs and cats.

2)    Veterinary Technician Specialists, or VTSs, are instrumental in helping these expert doctors with some of veterinary medicine’s most challenging cases.  From dogs and cats to horses and even zoo animals, VTSs are there to assist the veterinarian, comfort the pets and help with client questions and concerns.

3)    The National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA) gave accreditation to the very first technician specialty back in 1994.  This was the year that the Academy of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Technicians was created.

4)    Since that time, 10 new academies have been created that allow technicians to specialize in everything from anesthesia to dentistry and equine medicine to nutrition and even zoo animal medicine.

5)    The path to specialization is not an easy one though!  Applicants must work thousands of hours in their chosen area and log dozens of cases for review.  This work is then reviewed by the Academy’s certification board.

6)    Even after that work is complete, the applicant must still prove that they have earned enough continuing education credits in their area of specialization and provide two letters of recommendation.  Only then will potential technician specialist be allowed to sit for a certification examination.

7)    Upon passing their exam, the new Veterinary Technician Specialist will earn the credentials of VTS along with a designation of their area of specialty.  For example, technician specialists in anesthesia are credentialed as “VTSA”.

8)    These dedicated individuals, along with the whole veterinary team, are so important to the care that your pets receive while at a veterinary specialty hospital.  Their hard work and advanced education means that you know your furry friends are in good, knowledgeable hands! 

9)    Sites like can provide you with accurate and unbiased pet health information.

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