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Monday, February 16, 2015

Treat Cats Like Cats, Not Dogs

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Treat Cats Like Cats, Not Dogs
by Courtney Buchanan

                 Image via Flickr user Juhan Sonin

Some cats are naturally dog-like, and some dogs are cat-like in their preferences and activities. But when people force cats to behave like dogs by taking them for walks or playing fetch, the pets get stressed out. They are innately independent creatures that often want to give their parents love on their own terms, whereas dogs are known for always wanting attention.

“We make the mistake of thinking [cats] should be affectionate towards us whenever we feel like it,” John Bradshaw, director of the Anthrozoology Institute at Bristol University, tells The Telegraph. “There are cats that will do that, but the majority do not.”

Before they were domesticated, cats were solitary and dogs were social. While dogs typically enjoy playing with other dogs and with people, cats prefer to have their own space and not constantly be touched. That’s why when people pet their cats that are hiding under the bed or they adopt another cat to keep the pet company, cats are internally rebelling. Felines would prefer to be on their own.

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