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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

10 Tiny Puppies Sad the Seahawks Lost

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10 Tiny Puppies Sad the Seahawks Lost
February 3rd, 2015 by Taylor Malowney
All images via Creative Commons License on Flickr
 After the Seattle Seahawks’ devastating Super Bowl loss to the New England Patriots, even these puppies are bummed. We think we know why.

This lil guy is still in shock. “But we were so far ahead…”

The poor pup is in denial. “Deflategate is still relevant! The Patriots cheated!”
It’s not your fault the Hawks lost, buddy. It’s Pete Carroll’s! (Or whoever called that play…)
Washing off the shame of defeat. I don’t think it worked.
He’s considering burning all his Hawks gear. There’s always next year, Fido!
This puppy is judging you, Bruce Irwin. Not very sportsmanlike at all. 
This puppy is a Patriots fan who got put outside. How’d he get in here?!
Silly pup, writing a letter to Pete Carroll won’t make a difference!
He’s almost as sad as Russell Wilson is right now
There’s always next year, guys!

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