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Monday, January 12, 2015

Pets Help Reduce Stress

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Pets Help Reduce Stress

Take your pet for a walk or a snuggle.  Studies have shown that the impact of a stressful situation is less on pet owners.

Pets help prevent heart disease and lower blood pressure. Research shows that pets provide greater psychological stability of owners (a measure of protection from heart disease).

Pets help to fight depression.  Pets help promote an interest in life and fight loneliness.  The bonding can also foster a sense of security.

Pets add joy to our lives.   Pets provide unconditional love and support and bring much love and joy.

Pets add health.  Pets have shown to be a daily dose of health and happiness.  Pets are therapeutic.

Pets love unconditionally and are always there to provide comfort and lift your mood. 

If you find this to be true with your pet, please leave a comment.

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