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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Pet Pacemakers, Covered by Healthy Paws

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Pet Pacemakers, Covered by Healthy Paws
January 30th, 2015 by Taylor Malowney

Pet Pacemakers

This is Chloe,  
the lucky pup whose life was saved by a pet pacemaker. Image courtesy of Chloe’s pet parents.

Who doesn't love a medical miracle or a heartwarming pet story? Chloe’s tale has bits of both, as this lucky pup received an artificial pacemaker implant. 

Chloe’s pet parents enrolled her with Healthy Paws in July 2014. Just before Thanksgiving, Chloe was brought to the vet. She had been acting strangely – shivering, panting and walking with an altered gait. Chloe’s pet parents and vet suspected a back or disc problem, but she had no recent trauma or injury. 

During a physical exam, the vet didn't notice any tenderness or pain in Chloe’s back, neck or abdomen. However, Chloe did have an irregular heartbeat – arrhythmia and bradycardia.

Diagnosed with complete heart block, Chloe and her pet parents were referred to a cardiologist. An artificial pacemaker implant was deemed to be the best treatment for her condition.

Artificial pacemakers in pets are used to keep the heart beating regularly. Modern pet pacemakers are tiny, inserted under the pet’s skin in the neck region. The pacemaker’s “lead” – a soft wire the size of a spaghetti noodle – is inserted through a vein and into the heart, carrying information and electrical impulses between the pacemaker and heart.

Chloe’s surgery was a success, with no complications! Her pet parents were instructed to keep her calm and quiet, using a harness instead of a leash on short walks. Follow-up care will be required, but for now, Chloe is happy and healthy. 

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