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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Pet bad Breath

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  Your Furry Friends Bad Breath

Okay, you're dog has bad breath now what? Examine your dog, look at your furry friends mouth for anything unusual, are the gums their usual color are their any sores or pus oozing from anywhere, run your fingers along side of your pets teeth with a little bit of pressure to check for a toothache and if any of the problems mentioned exist, I would make a trip to my veterinarian as soon as possible and not fool around with home remedies(just my pet owners opinion) as infection can spread throughout your pets body and the consequences severe.  Now your dog can have just plain old bad breath like we all do at times, usually caused by something they consumed like maybe a new brand of dog food or ate dog or cat poop. Usually a dog breath treat will take care of the problem and it's a good idea to brush your pets teeth everyday for good healthy teeth and gums. (I know, easier said than done). 

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