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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Our Favorite Pet Toy of the Week-The KONG

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Our Favorite Pet Toy of the Week-The KONG
  by Renee
                                           Kong toy

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The KONG is a great all-season dog toy. From general chewing on an empty KONG, to regular treats or frozen surprises, you can generally keep your puppy or dog entertained for quite some time.

The KONG Company makes many kinds of dog toys, from the traditional KONG seen here, to toys covered in fleece, squeaky toys, puzzles, and more.

While you can buy pre-made stuffing products in the pet store, you can also create your own tasty treats for your favorite canine friends. The KONG website has some great recipes. One of my dogs’ favorites is to combine some kibble and plain yogurt, turn the stuffed KONG upside-down so it won’t drain out, and freeze it. About 4 hours later, your dogs have a healthy frozen treat for a hot day!

These toys are very durable, and you can choose from several different strengths, depending on your dog’s age, size and chew strength. If your dog doesn't have a KONG, we recommend checking them out!

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