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Thursday, January 15, 2015

One in Three pets will become lost during their lifetime!

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One in Three pets will become lost during their lifetime!

Everyone thinks it can't happen to them - but accidents happen --the door doesn't close, a pet slips out of their collar, there is a natural disaster, etc.

It is important that you have safeguards in place in case your pet becomes lost.

Collar and Tag

An ID tag listing your name, address and phone number.  You can also have this information put directly on the collar in case the tags come off.
A microchip is a permanent identification that is always available.  See information below for details.

Pet proof your yard fence and keep your fence gates securely locked.

Never allow pets to roam free in the neighborhood.

Always transport a cat in a carrier.

Always have your dog on a leash when you take them somewhere.

Spay or neuter them-they are less likely to wander away.

Tips on Finding a Lost Pet
Search your house and property thoroughly.  Pets can hide in some small and strange places.

Talk to your neighbors.  Not only can they be on the lookout, but families and kids may get involved to also help.

Use familiar noises to attract your pet.  Not only can you call your pet's name, but use a whistle, their favorite squeaky toy or any other noise they are familiar with.

Place strong-scented articles outside your home to attract your pet.  dirty clothes, litter box, bedding, smelly food etc.  Animals find their way by scent as well as sounds.

Contact veterinary and emergency clinics.  Check to see if you’re pet was injured or anyone contacted them about a lost pet.

Visit local humane societies. It is recommended that you visit the facilities and leave a photo of your pet with them.

Post many flyers about your pet.  Post flyers within a one mile radius.  Put a photo on the flyer.  Use fluorescent - bright paper for visibility.  (Do not list your name or address.)

Place an ad in the local newspaper, local social media, look at found ads in the paper and morning local radio stations that have listeners call in or have community information time.  Teen's are a great source, they all use text, they can text their friends and friends text friends, etc, offer a small reward.
It is recommended that all pets be microchipped.  Microchips help to give your pet the best chance of being identified should they ever become lost.

Although tags are important, they can tear or slip off.

Although tags are important, they can tear or slip off.

A microchip is placed under your pet’s skin.

The microchip is scanned with a reader by animal clinics and humane societies.

Microchips are convenient safe and reliable.

The procedure is simple and inexpensive.

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