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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Cancer and Dogs

Affordable Pet HealthCare Insurance - Your Pets Deserve it

Cancer causes the death of all dogs over the age of 10 according to the AVMA.  

I check my dog Ruby every day as brushing is part of our play time, I run my fingers thru her fur and check for flaking and any lumps I may feel. If I were to detect any lumps a quick trip to my veterinarian would be called for.  I check for flaking to see if her skin is dry or dehydrated by pinching her skin on her back, let the pinch go and if the skin is slow in getting back to normal (flat) that would mean she is dehydrated and water would be called for.

The AVMA also states that spaying neutering helps reduce the risk of some kinds of cancers.

Cancer treatment, like in humans is very expensive and some pet owners can't afford the treatment for their pets. That is one of my reasons for having Ruby insured with Healthy Paws because they pay 90% of my veterinarians bill.  I can afford a small monthly payment but cannot afford a large bill in the thousands for any treatment Ruby would receive for a illness or accident and knowing that, makes me a happy pet parent.

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