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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Treat Safety for Your Pets

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Treat Safety: Know Your Treats

From the deadly chicken   jerky coming out of China to your everyday rawhide – identifying safe treats for your dog can be a matter of life and death. Most chews look innocent enough, but the truth is these chews are not only unhealthy for our dogs, they can be downright dangerous! But with some careful research and helpful tips, you can prevent treat time from becoming a terror.  

Buy treats only made in the USA, they are overseen by the FDA and must follow strict guidelines to ensure safety for your pet.  Make sure you read where they make the product and do not rely on the company label that is distributing the product.

The products are made in china, put in American companies packaging. The product has to be labelled where it was made.  I nearly killed my Chorkie by feeding her jerky treats made in China and distributed by a large American company.  The Vet bill was rather large and that is when I started to look at Pet Health Insurance Companies and choose Healthy Paws.